CakraSteel Technology


Cakratunggal Steel use technology with ECOMILL (Economic and Compact Steel Mills) concept so it can produce high quality products and competitive prices

High Speed Arc Melter

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One Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) with a capacity of….

Metallurgical Treatment Station

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80 t Ladle Furnace equipped with Argon Stirring and….

Continous Casting Machine

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One 5 - strands CCM unit supplied by Concast….

Anti-Polution Control

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PT. Jakarta Cakratunggal Steel Mills, has injected huge investment….


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PT. Jakarta Cakratunggal Steel Mills uses Slag Handling Equipment….

Reheating Furnace

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Automatic Combustion Control System on both billet reheating furnace provides accuracy, energy saving and eliminates defect in final product.