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PT. Cakratunggal Steel Mills concrete market products in many major projects in Indonesia. We believe the best quality and timely delivery guarantees to balance development needs of existing infrastructure.
Anti-Pollution Control

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Cakrasteel has injected huge investment for various anti-pollution control facilities by constantly cross-checking with the pollution control situation in overseas steel mills and by refining ang strenghening anti-pollution measures.

Part of the pollution control equipment includes One dust collection and fume extraction system with a capacity of 960.000 m3/hour of gases and fumes. The primary and secondary fumes are drawn and filtered trough 17.0252 m2 of Filter Bags.

Training About Safety

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By performing basic training K3 (Occupational Safety and Health) in new employees. Includes the definition, obligations of the management / leadership of the company, understand SMK3 (Safety Management System and Occupational Health). And then training about fire prevention norms K3 from various sources triggers. To undertake fire prevention and control. Accompanied simulated fire. Training Risk Management System was continue, including the identification of dangers, risks to dangers. For the handling and risk management with management of hazards.