Frequently Asked Questions CakraSteel

Q: How to buy products from CS?
A: Information about the ordering process can be found at

Q: What kinds of Cakrasteel products?
A: For information about type of Cakrasteel products, you can open this link

Q: How about product quality in Cakrasteel?
A: Quality products from Cakrasteel has guaranteed because we produce SNI concrete steel an we has earned the SNI award in 2008. For every order booking will be given a Certificate Mill contained : Heat Number from SPMB, Mechanical Test and Chemical Composition.

Q: What are the standard products available in Cakrasteel?
A: Standart National (SNI 07-2005/2002), Standart International (BS, JIS, ASTM, AS-NZS)

Q: How the rules or delivery process of items from Cakrasteel to the buyer place ?
A: Delivery can be done by using a delivery service from Cakrasteel or from the buyer.

Q: Is there a minimum order limit about Cakrasteel product?
A: For orders with a quantity 25-30 tons per truck or multiples for Jakarta, will be free shipping cost (Franco on truck for Jakarta). Besides will be charges transportation cost  or can be taken by own.

Q: How ordering process product from Cakrasteel?
A: For more information please call marketing Cakrasteel at line: 021-4605987, 021-4605988, 021-4605989 or from